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Recording for my 2nd CD

The other day I had a recording for my 2nd CD. It was really fun and the musicians, engineer and all people involved were warm and made me feel so comfortable. It was great time for me. I feel grateful to my close people and to God for all the great advise and for making this opportunity.
It was all my originals this time and I felt all my music, melody and lyrics were expressed so beautifully thanks to wonderful musicians: James Hurt, Quincy Davis, Lars Ekman, Marvin Sewell, Akihito Obama.
I feel its going to reach a full and complete expression of my musical language for the first time in my life.
Next month I have 1 more recording session. Ill keep working hard.
This photo is taken by Go Nakamura. Thank you Go san.

先 日、2nd CDのレコーディング(1日目)をしました!本当に楽しくて、ミュージシャンもエンジニアもみんな温かく心地よい環境にして頂け、すばらしいレコーディン グになりました。こういう機会をくれた大切な周りの人々、アドバイスしてくださった方々、神様にとても感謝しています。
この日は全て私のオリジナルで、すばらしいミュージシャンJames Hurt, Quincy Davis, Lars Ekman, Marvin Sewell, Akihito Obamaと演奏して、曲やメロディ、歌詞が全て輝いたように感じました。

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