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I went the opera twice in the past 2 weeks. I felt so good, even though my belly is big, Ive gained weight and its hard to get around lol but now is the time to do stuff before I get too big to move!
Recently Im composing for my little one inside. Ive never felt such inspiration, I feel full of this beautiful emotion. Cant wait to sing these songs.

Last night I had problem with people and felt irritated so much. Then my baby didn’t stop kicking me very hard from inside many hours. I said sorry to my little one…..

I have so many great friends and family with lots of love. I should know it more.

I have work from now on and then dinner with my friends in LES!
There are so many things to do this week. Busy week. But good for me!







そのあとは、友達とLower East sideでディナー!

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