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Sep 17th


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Sep 11th

-I was in Japan 9/11 2001. But I remember how shocked I was. Wishing such a terrible thing never happens here again.-

I just finished Day 1 of mixing several of my originals that I recorded before having my baby. After not listening for a while, I was so impressed by how great my songs sounded thanks to incredible musicians! We are going to record some more songs this year.
Having a child and taking care of her every day can make finding time to create new music a challenge though.
But I also feel that Im working more efficiently than before. There is no time to waste on thinking about superfluous things, so Im focusing on the essentials, music, family and friends.
That means though that there are more days that I feel exhausted, and I have literally no time to rest. Even so, I somehow find the time and energy to be creative.
NY is an amazing place. The music scene here can be so tough and competitive, but its also very inspiring.
As is my daughter. Her presence strengthens my spirit and gives me energy and power.

Im going to rehearse tomorrow with great musicians for my next gig. Looking forward to it.




flyer final




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