Baby music class in NYC

最近はイベントや単発でBaby music classをしてて、12月から本格的にスタジオでクラスをすることになりました。

Mommy and Me

Drop-in Music class for babies and toddlers (0 – 36 months)
Wednesdays 11am-11:45am (12/3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th) Drop-in / $25
We have awesome NY-based jazz musicians as a guest each class, sometimes wood bass, piano, guitar ect.

M&M Studio
3 East 33rd St. (Between Madison and 5th Ave) New York, NY

Classes led by Yayoi Filipski, NY based Jazz/ contemporary singer/songwriter.
Songs, dance and hands on music and art !
Join us to sing and dance to fun Jazz rhythms and for hands on art projects that stimulate young minds and exercise the body and imagination !

Special event classes include visits from prominent NY musicians who introduce and demonstrate their instruments, including piano, guitar, wood bass, drums, saxophone, vibraphone, etc.

Lots of excitement for kids and parents alike ! Lets have fun together !

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